lunedì 29 agosto 2011


Dopo tanti giorni a casa, finalmente la vacanza tanto sognata! Sono andata a Perugia, la mia città natale, situata nel cuore dell'Italia. Proprio in questa splendida città, mi sono rilassata facendo il bagno al lago, visitando posti bellissimi, ascoltando musica classica eseguita dall' "Orchestra giovanile del Trasimeno" e conoscendo l'amore :)
Ecco qualche foto...

After many days at home, finally the dream vacation! I went to Perugia, my hometown, on the heart of Italy. In this beatiful city, I relaxed bathing in the lake, visiting beatiful places, listening to classical music by the "Orchestra giovanile del Trasimeno" and knowing the love :)
Here are some photos...

E voi dove siete stati in vacanza??

And where have you been on holiday??

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  1. Thanks for the comment dear!

    Nice post!

  2. That seems like such a beautiful, serene vacation.

    Hope you had a good time.

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  4. Perugia sounds beautiful and magical. I would love to visit Italy one day. My parents were born there. Also, I would love to go to Buenos Aires again soon. That's my home town. I am now following you. Hope you'd like to follow me back.

    ciao, bella

  5. You have beautiful eyes! ;)
    I like your blog, if you want we can follow each other ;)

  6. Thank you! And I follow you now ;)

  7. Hi! Thanks for the comment (sorry for the late response). I don't think this shop (called 'Hema') excists in Italy, I'm sorry! You could check their website though:

    Good luck ;-)!